Client Success

Goal: Get Stronger and Better Conditioned

” I have participated in 2 online training programs through Impressive Fitness since December of 2013. In my first 12 week program I lost 11 lbs and in my second 6 week program I gained lean muscle. The online training programs are very easy to follow and there are even YouTube links for those that are visual learners. My favorite thing about the trainings in that they don’t take a lot of time to complete each day and yet they are very effective in burning body fat and building muscle. Ed was very informative throughout the whole training and was always willing to answer any questions I had. I highly recommended these online training programs. ”


Goal: Get Ready For A Special Event!

” I was always starting over and trying every pill or shake you could think of. Yea it worked, but it was only temporary; it never lasted. Well, that all changed December 2013 when I committed to my first IF 12 Week Challenge. Six months later and two challenges in the bag I’m down 27lbs, went from a size 14 to a 10 and am no longer wearing XL, but medium! No expensive shakes or magic pills, I did this the right way! I will forever be grateful for Ed and his constant motivation, insane workouts and nutrition advice. I strive everyday to be better and stronger than the day before, my journey will never be over. Thanks Ed! ”

Goal: Look More Fit And Feel Great In Your Skin!

” Excellent sessions… something a little different everyday to keep your body guessing. I could tell a difference from day one til the last day. Really up to the individual what you get out of it, work hard and you will see improvement. ”

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